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Karim Zeroual a rising British Moroccan star with his eyes set on Hollywood….

Watch out for him in the 2nd season of Sparticle Mystery (CBBC)

Karim Zeroual is a young Moroccan actor, singer and dancer who attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School (SYTS) and has played in several musicals and TV series. He played the main character Simba in the West End production of the Lion King Musical and the role of Sparticle in the TV hit series ‘Sparticle Mystery’ on CBBC.

You have been acting for almost a decade, what was it that made you want to start? I have always been an extravert. I remember at the age of 4 playing the trumpet. My parents decided to enrol me in SYTS in a part time school, I was then encouraged to join SYTS Agency. Then since then, everything went well for me. My father and my mother have always been my strength and support during my career. I have fantastic parents! My step mother, step father and my sister have also gone out their way to support me. Without my family and Sylvia Young I would not have half the experience I have had so far.

Having had the experience of working on CBBC on hit series ‘Sparticle Mystery’ as well as on stage in Chitty Bang Bang and the Lion King, Would you rather rather work on TV or on stage in Theatre? This is a very difficult question as I love both TV and Stage work. They both bring me something different. However, I would say that for me working on stage in a theatre is more adrenaline driven and more malleable than TV work for you can feel the audience energy live. Also, I can mix my 3 passions i.e. dancing, acting and singing. I love challenges and I am a perfectionist.

Recently you started working as a part time street dance teacher at SYTS, how has that been? It is a wonderful experience. I really enjoy working there as a street dance teacher. I was an ex full time student at SYTS before, and I learnt from the best in singing, acting and dancing. So I thought I would pass on what had learned to the children of the part time school. It is my way of saying Thanks to Sylvia and keeping it in the family!

What would you say is you first love acting, singing or dancing? You can’t ask a parent to choose which one of their own children they love best, can you?

What advice would you give young Moroccans in the UK who want to be an actor or singer or a professional dancer? I would tell them that knowledge and perseverance are key to success. Learn from everyone you meet. Take every day as a new experience, no matter how difficult it has been. Know who you are and be aware of your own limits, what you can or cannot do. Never stop learning and never give up.

If you could carry out a project with Morocco or the Moroccan community in the UK what would this be? I am always sad to see that they are only few Moroccans in the ‘show biz’. If I could I would love to open up Theatre and dance schools in Morocco. In the UK, I would love to teach Moroccans, young and old, dance, drama and singing. Maybe in community centres!

How often do you visit Morocco and where do you go? I try to go at least once a year. I often go to Casablanca and Marrakesh. I love Marrakesh for its unique atmosphere. I particularly love Jemaa El Fna with its snake charmers, story tellers, and the smell of spices… Everything takes you into another dimension, it is a feeling I can’t explain. You have to go there to understand!

Tell us about 3 Moroccan things you love the most? Being in the music industry, I would say Moroccan music. I love its bits, its rhythms. It just tells you come and enjoy life. I also love the Moroccan hospitality which is beyond imagination. People are so friendly, helpful and committed. Finally, I love the FOOD!

In London where do you go to get your Moroccan culture? This would be Golborne road in North Kensington in London. You’ll find everything Moroccan there. From shops selling Moroccan product to restaurants, to music and above all the unique Moroccan ambiance.

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