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MMA fighter Khalid Ismail Film

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MMA fighter Khalid Ismail – The Journey So Far…

2012 will prove to be a big year for Khalid as he recovers from an almost career ending injury suffered to his right bicep. The Lions Den Gym fighter/owner is set to take the world of MMA by storm.

Two Fresh Productions followed world kickboxing champion/businessman turned MMA fighter Khalid Ismail over a period of time. The film looks at his journey so far in the pro MMA world and explores the qualities that are needed to become a future champion.

Khalid is feared for his immense stand up ability, after the horrendous leg break of his second opponent Wayne Brown in a record 7 seconds. The film also explores his world class strength and conditioning training techniques.

One of the films main focuses is Khalid’s passion for MMA and the disciplines needed to succeed at its highest level. His belief in the ancient samurai philosophy of Bushido is one of the many factors that give him the edge over many of his opponents.

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