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Bastards Documentary a Film by Deborah Perkin

The film follows an illiterate woman took on tradition, her own family and the Moroccan legal system for the sake of her illegitimate child.

Bastards tells the moving and uplifting story of Rabha El Haimer and her heroic fight to have her informal marriage recognized and her daughter legitimized by the Moroccan judicial system. It is also a complex and compelling portrait of the lives of ordinary women in Morocco, caught between the demands of Islamic tradition and their desires for individual rights within a male-dominated, Islamic society.

Through Rabha’s story, Bastards exposes the contemporary issues facing Islamic women as never seen before.

2015 screenings
Salisbury Arts Centre Weds 25 March 2015 plus director Q+A – in association with Salisbury Amnesty Group

Watch the Trailer

BASTARDS Trailer from Deborah Perkin on Vimeo.

In cinemas, iTunes & Amazon Instant in the UK
on DVD in the USA from Icarus Films and at film festivals around the world

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