Winter Treks in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco
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Winter Treks in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco

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Jebel Sahro Winter Treks in Morocco

The wonderful thing about trekking in Morocco is that there is always a mountain range in season. Winter is no exception: from late September, right through to the beginning of May, the stunning landscape of Jebel Sahro, accessed through Ouarzazate, “the gateway to the desert”, can be seen at its magnificent best.

Famous for its fantastic rock formations, the twin towers of Bab n’Ali and the sheer rock face of Tassigdelt Tamajgalt amongst them, this mountain range is one of Morocco’s best kept secrets. Despite its beauty, you will find few other trekkers here. In fact, with only occasional small villages and isolated hamlets punctuating the horizon, you will meet few people in Sahro at all other than nomadic tribesmen with their flocks of sheep and goats, perhaps grazing on remote mountain tops or otherwise in the depths of its sweeping valleys.

A trek in Jebel Sahro is surely challenging but the rewards for your efforts will be considerable. At times you will feel as though you are walking through a Biblical landscape; at others, as if you are walking on a different planet altogether.

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