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Treks in Eastern Sahro

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Treks in Eastern Sahro

Amalou n’Mansour, standing proudly at 2712m, is the highest mountain in Jebel Sahro. A trek to its summit allows a wonderful vantage point from which to survey the lands of the legendary Aït Atta, the last of the Berber warrior tribes to yield to their country’s invasion by France.

Descend next to Bou Gaffer, the mountain stronghold to which the Aït Atta retreated, the scene of their ultimate surrender in 1933, and scour the mountainside for relics strewn across this infamous battleground. Afterwards, climb once more to find the remains of the fortress of the duplicitous House of Glaoui, the tribe which first defected to the French and then played a key part in defeating their Berber brothers. All this can be achieved in just three days of trekking.

Even better if: add three days more to your trek and continue from the Glaoui fortress up and down dale through a succession of delightful mountain villages, taking in a number of glorious vistas across the Sahro range, before arriving at the twin towers of Bab n’Ali. Here, join the Western Sahro trek, head back northwards below the sheer rock face of mighty Tassigdelt Tamajgalt, and return to the market town of Boumalne du Dades on the banks of the River Dades.

Alternatively: follow the trail from Bab n’Ali southwards to reach Nekob, “the town of the 40 kasbahs”, and so complete a fantastic variant traverse of Jebel Sahro, the “mountain of thirst”.

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