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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Morocco

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Morocco has so much on offer, so there is something for everyone to enjoy on holiday.

So here are our top 10 reasons to visit Morocco for your next holiday destination.

1. Love Sun and Sea? Beaches in Morocco lie on both the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. Surfing is getting more and more popular and Essaouira is fast becoming a leading destination.

2. Take the High Road! The Mountains. If you love to trek, there are local guides and tour companies offering tours into the mountains of Morocco. including the Rif Mountains in the North, Anti Atlas Mountains Middle Atlas Mountains High Atlas Mountains.

3. The Desert. Explore the vast beauty of the Sahara Desert by Camel or in a 4×4. Architecture.

4. Extreme Sports. From Horse riding Mountain Biking and Rock Climbing to Kayaking Windsurfing and Whitewater Rafting.

5. Architecture. Enjoy the many beautiful buildings in the cities throughout Morocco.

6. Authentic Moroccan Food. Enjoy a culinary tour of all the herbs and spices of Morocco, and discover the local dishes. Sample a different dish each night, or learn to cook your own.

7. Shopping. Always a great experience in Morocco, get lost in the medinas and souks of Fez, Casablanca or Tangier , and indulge in traditional goods to take home. Don’t forget to Bargain !! Its all part of the experience.

8. Steam Clean! The ultimate relaxation experience a traditional hammam steam bath and spa treatments.

9. Festivals. There are festivals throughout the year in Morocco, from traditional events dating back hundreds of years to modern music festivals.

10. Do absolutely nothing! Stay in a stunning Riad, and laze about, read a book in the stunning courtyards.

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