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Shopping in Marrakesh

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Explore the endless shops, stores, stalls and colourful souks of the World Heritage Medina.

Find a dazzling array of items from traditional Moroccan slippers to ceramics, carpets and glassware for the home.

Some items to look out for when your Shopping in Marrakesh …

Moroccan teapots – You will see a lot of silver coloured teapots in the souks which are used for serving tea all throughout the day. They can range from fairly simple to quite decorative ones on little leaf designed feet.

Moroccan pottery – glazed in beautiful colors, traditional patterns from small dishes to tagines. The pottery is made in Fes, Meknes, Safri and Sale, each with a unique style.

Moroccan Carpets – There are thousands of carpet stores in Marrakesh, selling Berber carpets and kelims, mainly to tourists.

Leather – has been one of the major industries of Morocco and one of the biggest tanneries in the country is in Marrakech. The other being in Fes. The souks are all full of leather shops displaying leather bags, jackets, caps and slippers as well as pouffes.

The Fez hat or Tarboosh – A cone shaped hat, usually red with a black tassel.

The Jalaba or Jellabas – the traditional dress of Morocco much like a robe with a hood. Available for both men and women in a wide variety of patterns and materials.

You may be approached by locals offering to be your guide, if you do not want their services, let them no firmly but politely, even try “la, schukran” (meaning no thanks)

Get ready to Haggle – in the Souk, it is tradition to have price negotiations – deduct at least 50% and you come closer to the real thing. A determined “walk-out” usually has the result that you leave with the price you wanted to pay.

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