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Moroccan Hammam Experience

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So here is an enchanted guide to your inner peace and gorgeous looking skin and hair at a Moroccan Hammam, through my own experience.

I was first given a towel and sandals to enter the hammam rooms, where I sat in the steam for 5 minutes, until my body warmed up. Next I applied traditional Moroccan black soap, called Sabon Beldi, all over my body and leave this on in the steam room for a further 10 – 15 minutes.

After this, I was guided into another beautiful warm room where I was engulfed in a gorgeous mix a of scent that made me feel as though I was Moroccan garden of 1001 flowers. As I gaze upwards I can not help looking at the wonderful Moroccan lamps, the ceiling, and the floors, looked amazing. I felt like I was in Aladdin’s palace but without Aladdin!

I then lay down on my front, on a large marble stone at the centre of the room. A woman called a ‘Tayaba’, my hammam therapist, then started scrubbing my back, my legs, arms and neck with a unique Moroccan bath mitt called ‘Kyiss’ or ‘Kiss’. What a lovely name I thought! I then turned onto my back, so she could scrub the rest of my body.

This mitt, i.e. ‘Kyiss’ or ‘Kiss’ removes the dead cells from your skin, leaving my skin feeling clean and fresh. This was repeated twice. When the ‘Tayaba’ rinsed off my body it was like all my stress was washed away with it.

Next, I was wrapped with Moroccan clay, ‘Khassoul’ all over my body and hair. I lay down again while my Tayaba gave me a final massage me from head to toe. I could have just slept. I really felt completely uplifted. As if I was getting rid of a burden. Finally after soaping up my body and shampooing my hair and rinsing with warm water, I was enveloped with a large and fluffy bathrobe. I was taken to a splendid relaxing room and offered Moroccan mint tea with Moroccan sweets, whilst listening to soothing music.

My experience in the Moroccan hammam was a calming, relaxing, soothing experience. It has a unique feel to it that no words can describe. I felt completely rejuvenated, my skin and hair felt so soft, silky and shiny. I never felt so much at peace both mentally and physically.

Make sure you have your ‘hammam experience’ before you go to bed as you will feel so relaxed afterwards that you will sleep like a baby.

If you are planning a holiday to Morocco, make sure you make a visit. There are both public hammams and private hammams offering additional spa treatments, to choose from.

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