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Mgoun Region Treks in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco

The Mgoun Region

Ighil Mgoun, at 4068m the third highest mountain in Morocco, stands just 99m below Toubkal. There, however, similarities end. Gouged by impressive corries formed during the last glacial age, Mgoun feels a world apart.

At the foot of its slopes, scattered sheep, goats and even horses graze lazily across the fertile Tarkeddid Plateau. Understandably the envy of neighbouring Berber tribes, it is well-watered by the source of the beautiful Tassaout River, here just a trickle emerging out of the ground.

Mgoun treks usually start and finish in any one of the beautiful traditional villages found in the homely Bou Guemez Valley, justly known as the “Happy Valley”.

Even better if: instead of returning to Bou Guemez Valley, you wade southwards through the Achabou Gorge to emerge eventually in the Valley of the Roses on the edge of exotic Jebel Sahro.

Alternatively: follow the Tassaout stream westwards, around Wandrass Gorge, to discover the splendid Tassaout Valley. Here, visit Megdaz, home of the famous Berber poetess, Mririda n’Ait Attiq and claimed by many to be the most beautiful village in all the High Atlas.

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