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Marrakesh Through Writers Eyes

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A carefully chosen selection of extracts capturing the culture and history of Marrakesh

There has never been a more fashionable nor a more instantly exotic destination than Marrakesh. It is a dream landscape, with the steel-blue backdrop of the High Atlas mountains, a hint of the desert, vast, weathered, red orange ramparts, tall tapering palms, orchards of oranges and verdant olives.

In the evening, life concentrates on that disordered square of marvels the Djemma el Fna – where storytellers, fortune-tellers and acrobats weave their nightly magic – and the packed, festive alleys of the souk. Marrakesh is modern time-travel, a mystery, and a riddle that can never be fully articulated let alone solved.

This book explores this mystique through the researches, speculations and scholarship of forty travel writers who have succumbed to the enchantment of the city.

Selected by Stephen Lavington, edited by Barnaby Rogerson, author of the Cadogan Guide to Morocco, and introduced by the Morocco-based travel writer, Tahir Shah.

Marrakesh Through Writers Eyes: Barnaby Rogerson
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