Learn Useful Moroccan Phrases

Morocco’s official language is Moroccan Arabic, or darija, but French and Spanish are widely spoken. Most Moroccans are multilingual and but it is always good to learn a few words.

Here are our some useful words and phrases to help you on your trip.

Good morning – Saba’ Al Kheir
Hello – Ahalan
Good evening – Masa’a AlKair
Good night – laila taiba
Good night sweet dreams. Tesbah ala Kheir
See you later – Nshoufek min berd
Goodbye – Beslama
Please – afak
Thank you- Shokran
welcome – Merhababikoum
I’m sorry – Smeh li or lia for a woman
(Thanks) You’re welcome: Afwan

How much is … Sh Hel hada?
What time is it ? Sh hel fi saha?

Yes – Eh or Iyeh
No – Laa
Good – Taib
Friend – Sadik, sahab

Zero – sefir
One – Wahed
Two – joj
Three – Tlata
Four – Arbaa
Five – khamsa
Six – sita
Seven – Sabaa
Eight – Tamaña
Nine – Tesaa
ten: Ashra

Watch this useful Video teaching you the basics.

Here are some useful resources for learning Moroccan Arabic.
Wrapping your Head around the Arabic Alphabet

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