Essaouira is Morocco’s surfing capital on the Atlantic coast and has miles of sandy beaches to enjoy.

Essaouira is a popular visitor destination for Moroccan and international tourists alike. The coastal city has a relaxed atmosphere and unique charm.

Rich History and Culture

Humans have occupied Essaouira since prehistoric times and is rich with history, reflected in the Portuguese, Arab and Jewish influences architecture. Essaouira is a town of many ethnic influences, between 1506 and 1510 the Portuguese seized Essaouira and calling it Mogador. They were later forced abandon most of their settlements between 1541 and 1550.

In 1757 Mohammed ben Abdallah sultan of Morocco (1757- 1790) encouraged Moroccan Jews to settle in the town and the Jewish community represented almost half of Essaouira population at that time. The Jewish quarter, or mellah contain many old synagogues and there is a large Jewish cemetery. Today we can still see traces of the Jewish presence in the main door of the rampart in Essaouira. At the top of this magnificent door there is an inscriptions from the Koran and the Holy Jewish Star of David.

Fresh Seafood

At the harbour in Essaouira the fishermen sell their catch of the day in the market and serve fresh seafood to locals and tourists alike.

Surfing Hotspot

The area is a well known surfing destination attracting visitors from around the world. Ask any surfer and they will all say in unison that the reason why they come to Essaouira is the combination of great wind every day a beautiful city, fresh food and superb sun. The only downside is the water. It is COLD!

Essaouira is also home to the Gnaoua and World Music Festival which is held each June.

Map of Essauira

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