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U-CEF has been working on putting world Arabic music in the top dancehall & r&b/hip-hop chart.

Musician U-cef grew up in the Dour Jamâa district of the Moroccan capital Rabat, surrounded with Moroccan music. "Moroccan music is like our oxygen," he explained. "You breathe it all the time."

He absorbed much of his native Morocco’s multiple traditions before moving first to New York and then to London, immersing himself along the way in the Western world’s electronic & rock scenes.

U-cef moved to London in 1994 which introduced a wealth of new sounds including drum ‘n’ bass, techno, 2-step and ragga.

His first CD ‘Halalium’ (2001) was a milestone in Moroccan urban dance music, and has inspired a whole generation of rappers, b-boys and pro-tools adventurers, from Tangiers to Taroudant and Melilla to Marrakech.

His second album Halalwood (2008), he collaborated with guests Damon Albarn, Natacha Atlas, Rachid Taha & the Moroccan rap duo Dar Gnawa. A tour-de-force which puts gnawa music, dub, sinuous classic Arabic, electronic beats, MCs, big drums and crunchy rock guitars into a giant blender to produce something fresh and original.

U-CEF also Dj’s at venues and private parties bringing the hottest mixes, fixes & remixes, from east to west to the dance floor. Featuring live dj mixing, from the king of Rai, Cheb Khaled & queen of pop, Missy Elliot, Chiekha Rimiti & Sean Paul, Fatman Scoop to Tarik Faruk & Busta Rhymes. This is the top blend of Arabia/UK/USA dance music charts.

Mixes feature North African Rai & Shaabi music mixed to New York r&b / hip-hop breaks, to the Lebanese Dabkka & mizmar mixed to Jamaican ragga/dance-hall ridem and more.

Visit the U-Cef official website.

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