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SiSimo is already a celebrity in Moroccan hip-hop scene, with a large and growing fan base.

He has performed at major music festivals all over the country and in Europe, his songs get constant airplay on all of the major radio stations, and his videos attract thousands on national television, Youtube, and Facebook. Now we’d like to introduce him to an even wider audience.

His latest album, entitled ‘Bach Jay Bach Dayr’, is now available worldwide via iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. It’s a hip-hop album with 2 ‘sides’, (as albums used to be in the vinyl era): side one (‘Bach Jay’) is modern rap-rock, and side 2 (‘Bach Dayr’) is old-school hip-hop.

The underlying theme of the album is equality and respect for people at every level of Moroccan society.

SiSimo doesn’t rap about girls, jewelry, or expensive cars, or brag about being ‘numero wahad’: he’s not at all interested in those things. He writes about the real world he lives in, and hopes to inspire change for the better through his music.

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A short excerpt from the Korsa Live show of his current single ‘Kilimini’, that’s tearing up Moroccan radio right now!


Video from SiSimo’s first single off the album, ‘L’Banjj’, a smash hit that’s still in constant rotation at radio, and that garnered over 90,000 views on Youtube in only 6 weeks!


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