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Orchestre National de Barbes

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Orchestre National de Barbes

The return of ‘Orchestre National de Barbés’, often named as the best band in the Maghreb world. ONB is certainly a band which you have to see live at least ones in your life time!

What the World Music magazine Songlines says about ONB: Ecstatic trance fusion from the Parisian suburbs

The opening number, ‘Sidi Yahia-bnef Paris’, effortlessly mixes elements of Gnawa trance with a low-slung growling rock riff that the Clash’s Mick Jones would have been proud of, and a simple swinging hip-hop rhythm. It’s not the first time we’ve heard this kind of fusion of rai, rock and hip-hop, but it?s rare to hear the executed with the kind of apparently effortless swagger that only a band with real chemistry can pull off. Then it’s straight into ‘Chkoun’, a rather more generic Ska number that could have been performed by any of the band from St Ives or St Petersburg. But then ‘No No No’ has the breezy laissez-faire spring in its step of those Marseille gentlemen Moussu T, and ‘Chorfa’ takes the solid rock-steady path. And so on.

But it’s an indication that this ten-piece band from the Barbes district of Paris are at the top of their game because they can dabble in a dozen different styles, yet still have their own distinct sound which is recognisable after only a few bars. Having been fairly quiet for almost ten years, they returned in 2008 with the confident and high-spirited Alik and Rendez ‘vous Barbes consolidates that return with its jaunty, agreeably rough-round the edge rowdiness. Long may they continue to mix Middle Eastern and African grooves with Parisian panache and bravado. It’s rare for music to be this fun without for
one moment becoming superficial. Fans of both Rachid Taha and Les Negresses Vertes should investigate. www.songlines.co.uk

World Music Promotion is proud to have Songlines magazine has a partner, anyone buying a ticket for the show, will be able to get a free CD copy of the latest ONB album when subscribing to Songlines

Tickets on sale now!
The O2
London, SE10 0DX

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