Moroccan Hammam

A Guide To Moroccan Hammams

Moroccan Hammam

First of all the word hammam originates from the Arabic language “hm” meaning heat. In the Moroccan dialect hammam means bathroom or spa, the the cousin of the Turkish bath.

Hammams (bathouse) can be found all over Morrocco. Traditionally, men take an hour-long hammam each week, either on a Sunday to prepare for the working week or as a religious practice on a Friday. For women the hammam is traditionally part of a special, indulgent day spending up to three hours enjoying the cleansing spa treament.

Hammam Black Soap is used to deep cleanse the skin in the washing rituals.

Its success is mainly due to the fact it is a haven for both the mind and the body. Anyone who has experienced the Moroccan hammam comes out, feeling younger and looking toned, fresh and serene.

Thanks to the heat, aromatherapy, steam and mud, the texture of your skin and hair are improved, and the combination of all the wonderful scents, soothing music, relaxing massages you will feel reinvigorated and refreshed.

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