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Moroccan Mint Tea

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Traditional Moroccan Mint Tea

Mint tea is more than just a drink in Morocco. Drinking fresh mint tea is a national past time!

It’s made with green tea, lots of fresh mint leaves and sweetened with traditional Moroccan sugar (Moroccan sugar comes in large cones as seen in the picture above). The tea then poured, preferably from a height which forms a froth on the top.

When visiting Morocco you can buy a traditional teapot, called a ‘berrad’, in the souks, or souvenir shops in various designs and sizes. Some plain aluminum or with beautiful ornate designs.

Make your own refreshing Moroccan mint tea at home

What you need;
Fresh Mint (Spearmint preferably)
Green Tea (gunpowder)
Moroccan Teapot and glass cups for you and your friends.

1. Add your green tea to the teapot and add about a cup of water
2. Let it steep for a few minutes to release the flavour
3. Pour it into a glass and keep aside to use later
4. Add another cup of boiling water to the teapot and swish
5. Pour this out into another glass (this time discard the tea)
6. Take your first cup and pour it back into the teapot
7. Add the fresh mint sugar and fill with boiling water
8. Heat the teapot on the stove, bring the tea to a boil and remove
9. Mix the tea by pouring into glasses and back into the teapot. Try and get some height as you pour. This will give your tea its froth.
10. Serve in your favorite tea glasses and enjoy!

If you don’t have a Berrad (Moroccan teapot) you can use any one that you can sit on the stove to boil.
Warm the teapot by adding a little boiling water swish it around and empty, before adding the green tea.
Traditionally Moroccan like their tea very sweet, but add to your own taste.
Experiment with flavours and add some Orange Blossom or Sage.
When serving your tea, fill it only 2/3rd of the way. This will allow you to hold the cup without burning your fingers.

Check out our Moroccan Mint Tea Board on Pinterest for more inspiration and recipes.

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