Moroccan Food Glossary

Helpful descriptions for Moroccan spices, ingredients and dishes.


Traditional Moroccan pancakes usually served sweet for breakfast or deserts.


Traditional Moroccan pie with chicken and a light pastry.


Chermoula is a traditional marinade for fish and is the base for many Moroccan fish dishes.

Cous Cous

International Moroccan dish made from hand-rolled semolina, with variety of garden vegetables and Moroccan spices. Served plain or topped with a choice of either chicken, or lamb and beef.

Gazelle Horns

Traditional Moroccan Almond pastry Dessert


Traditional Moroccan soup with chick peas, saffron, fresh herbs and spices.


Moroccan potato patties seasoned with herbs and spices.


Traditional Moroccan pastry


Pan fried square Traditional Moroccan pancakes usually eaten for breakfast sweetened with butter and honey. They can also be stuffed with both savoury ingredients for a delicious snack.


Chicken or Pigeon in a rich lemon sauce, layered between fine layers of pastry

Ras el Hanout

A traditional aromatic Moroccan spice blend.


Salted fermented butter used widely in Moroccan cooking, similar to ghee. There are different maturities of smen, with the older, the stronger the smell.


Traditional North African slow-cooked stew, which can be made with vegetables meat or fish. ‘Tagine’ refers to both the dish and the clay pot in which it is cooked and served.


Traditional Moroccan salad of cooked mixture of eggplant, tomatoes cooked until the consistency of a puree. Served both hot and cold.

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