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About Moroccan Cuisine

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The Moroccan communities in London bring the tastes and sounds of North Africa to the streets and shops. Moroccan restaurants and food products are becoming increasingly available, and fashionable! Over the last few years it Moroccan style and food, can be found in cookbooks and design magazines.

Tajines are becoming as popular as curries in some parts and with so many restaurants opening up all the time, there is no excuse not to try some of the many different options on offer around the Capital.

The countries of the Mahgreb, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia are all located at the North edge of the African continent, so with its rich history of the Moors in Spain and parts of France and influence of Europeans, the unique Maghreb architecture, design, culture and cuisine are a rich tapestry combining elements from two continents.

Spices such as coriander, cardamom, saffron, cumin and sandalwood, with tajine and couscous with plenty of mint tea, are traditional spices and flavours. Added to the spices, the other main staples of North African cuisine are herbs such as marjoram and thyme, onions, garlic, tomatoes, aubergine, lentils, chickpeas, orange, and lemon are added to and lamb, chicken and fish.

Preserved lemons in salt, are hugely popular and added to soups and stews. Harissa, a spicey blend of roast peppers, chillis, cumin and coriander and chermoula is a hot favourite.

Harira is a mixture of lamb broth, lentils, chickpeas, tomatoes, onion and garlic cooked slowly, and thickened at the last minute with flour or beaten egg. Commonly served with balls of minced lamb, known as kefta.

Batinjaan zalud, a salad of cooked, mashed aubergine. The main course might take the form of a tajine, possibly lamb shanks cooked slowly with plenty of spiced stock, preserved lemon and olives, served with a giant plate of couscous.

London is full of Moroccan restaurants to try out, or take a stroll down Golbourne Road in West London and fill up your shopping basket with authentic Moroccan products.

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