Making Argan Oil
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Making Argan Oil

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Argan Oil is produced by traditional methods in Women’s Cooperatives around Morocco

Making argan oil takes all the fruit from an average tree, about 250 pounds, to yield enough seeds for just one litre of oil. The fruit is traditionally harvested by entire Berber families in July.

Argan Oil is produced by traditional methods by Moroccan women in the rural areas, and often part of a Women’s Cooperative. The process is labour intensive making it expensive and harder to produce in high quantities.

The women working all together in a women only cooperative. The first part in the argan oil process is cracking the argan and separating the nut from the shell.

The fruit is then spread out to dry in the sun, the pulp is removed and the hard oval nuts are cracked open to reveal the ivory coloured kernels. The Argan seeds are then lightly toasted over charcoal in flat iron or terra cotta pans, and ground in stone mills into a thick paste.

This paste is then kneaded by hand until the oil flows out, which is collected and bottled. The women then use a mill to reduce the grilled paste into a rich oil, the argan oil.

Once this is done the oil can be extracted, filtered and refined.

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