Importance of Dates in Morocco
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Importance of Dates in Morocco

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Importance of Dates in Morocco

Dates have been cultivated in Morocco for centuries and play and important part in the national cuisine. They are eaten alone or added to both meat dishes and desserts, they are also used to make jams and syrups.

There are over 100 varieties grown in Morocco, but the most well known local varieties are Boufeggous, Bouskri, Jihel, and Medjool. They range in colour from light golden yellow to dark rich browns. The rich dark caramel like Medjoul also referred to as ‘the king of dates’ are the most expensive.

The South West of the country has the most favourable conditions for growing Dates. The Draa Valley is known as the ‘Country of the Dates’ and each year in October there is a celebration of dates in Erfoud, with a 3 day festival of food music and ceremonies.

Dates are also traditionally eaten to break the fast during Ramadan.

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