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Nabil Elouahabi

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Nabil Elouahabi is a British Moroccan actor, originally from Tangier who has played a variety of roles from theatre to Hollywood. He is well known for his role as Tariq Larousi in ‘EastEnders’ from 2003 to 2005, or as his … Read More

Moroccan Fine Art Gallery launches

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On the 19th April 2012, Moroccan Fine Art is launching its ‘online gallery’ dedicated to Moroccan fine art, specialising in emerging artists from Morocco. Moroccan Fine Art offers its clients a tailored service to purchase and commission works of … Read More

Brunei Gallery Moroccan Exhibition

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Brunei Gallery Moroccan Exhibition this October Weaving the Threads of Livelihood: The Aesthetic and Embodied Knowledge of Berber Weavers is an exhibition that celebrates the living textile tradition of one region of Morocco: the Sirwa. In addition to embroidery and … Read More

Natasha Mann Zouaq Artist

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Natasha Mann is a British artist specialising in a traditional form of Moroccan painting known as zouaq. Born in London in 1984, she developed an interest in North Africa and Islamic art after visiting the region as a child. In … Read More

Mohamed Tahdaini

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Moroccan artist Mohamed Tahdaini and his art Born in 1965 in Agadir, Morocco, Mohamed Tahdaini has always had a love of music and art. His father, who was in the building trade, was a major influence with knowledge of design … Read More

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