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Location Morocco!

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Moroccan Film Industry – Morocco has a long film culture and history, and is home to one of the biggest film studios in the world attracting film producers internationally. The first film was made in 1897 by the Lumiere brothers, … Read More

Marrakech Biennale 2014

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The Marrakech Biennale 2014 a Moroccan festival of contemporary international culture. Marrakech Biennale 5 , 26 February – 31 March 2014 – Where are we now? Participants of the Visual Arts section announced. The main theme of the 2014 edition … Read More

Mahi Binebine

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Screening and Book signing with Mahi Binebine Mahi Binebine is one of the world’s most popular Moroccan novelists and artists. He was acclaimed by The Observer (‘a rare voice’), and the Literary Review (‘savage, compelling’) for Welcome to Paradise. Horses … Read More

Wadia Boutaba Exhibition

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Wadia Boutaba solo art Exhibition at the Lahd Gallery London until 12 Dec 2012 For the first time, London’s most prestigious venue for Contemporary Middle Eastern Art, Lahd Gallery brings to you their latest forthcoming exhibition, of works by UK … Read More

Marock Film by Laila Marrakchi

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Marock is a play on words based on the French Maroc (for Morocco), and Rock n’ roll. This wonderful and yet controversial movie has caused a tidal wave in the political scene of Morocco. Whilst some welcomed it as a … Read More

Movie Making in Morocco!

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Nikka Lorak is a Belgian film director, based in London, has recently finished shooting her new film The Outsider (working title Life in Silence) in Morocco. Moroccolondon caught up with the up and coming director to find out more about … Read More

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