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Wild Beauty – Maroc Tribal on Bold and Tenacious Vintage Moroccan rugs

Although the focus is currently on pale cream and brown vintage and mid century Beni Ouarain rugs, which are elegantly simple, bright and bold colours abound in authentic Vintage Moroccan Berber rugs. This fantastic use of colour brings a strong and unique statement that is perfect for our modern homes.

Colours of Berber weavings were typically bright and tenacious in contrast to dark interiors, and certain tribes have their preferred colours. Red is dominant, but designs also feature brown, tan, tangerine, black, purple, blue, mauve, and yellow. The colours, patterns and woven designs are inextricably linked to the villages where they originate. Tribal weavers – herders and farmers – stayed clear of urban centres, so their weaving reflects their independence, tribal stories and beliefs. Designs were usually created to reference the natural world and daily life, such as birth, fertility, nature, femininity, rural life, and spirituality.

Until the nineteenth century, when synthetic dyes became easier to get hold of, the deeply saturated colours of the rugs came from natural sources. With new dyes came new colours, and where old-fashioned vegetable dyes look subtle, machine dyes are bold and bright. Vintage rugs were not mass produced. Weavers incorporate design elements from personal experience into the carpet’s designs: many believed that the rugs could even ward off evil spirits so they incorporated elements to bring luck and prosperity.

Mid-century Moroccan tribal Berber carpets are as unique and individual as the weavers who created them: no two rugs are alike and all were made to withstand the test of time. The older ones have a softer, more supple texture and are far more interesting in design. They are not uniform – they have soul and their exuberance is irresistible.

Maroc Tribal rugs are one of kind vintage pieces

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