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Traditional Beni Ouarain Moroccan Rugs

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Traditional Moroccan wool rugs

Traditional Beni Ouarain Moroccan wool rugs are often in the international home decoration magazines as Vogue Living and Elle Deco, and their popularity is still rising. They have such a timeless look and because they’re hand woven, no two are alike. They are organic, dramatic and elegant, with an abstract minimalism. They can complement just about any decor.

The carpets are created by the Beni Ouarain, a confederation of tribes hailing from the Middle Atlas mountains. They’re made of wool and typically feature a black or brown diamond pattern woven into a cream foreground. The wool is hand spun and usually undyed, apart from being washed the wool is just as it was when it came off the sheep’s back!

Originally these thick and heavy carpets were used as protection from the cold, as floor and sleeping rugs, but they’ve now found a place in many homes as a fantastic and chic addition to a room.

Modernist architects and designers also used moroccan tribal carpets to contrast with the lines of 20th century interiors. During the Bauhaus period between the two world wars, designers used moroccan carpets such as these huge cream pieces to enhance modern furnishings and interiors. Most rugs in architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Fallingwater house are Moroccan. Charles and Ray Eames, known for their furniture design, also bought Moroccan rugs for their house in California.

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