Top 10 Moroccan Interior Design Tips
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Top 10 Moroccan Interior Design Tips

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Bring a taste of Morocco into your home with our Top 10 Moroccan Interior Design Tips.

Bring exotic Morocco into your home with traditionally crafted lanterns, mosaics, silverware, pottery, tea glasses, wicker wares, mirrors, metal work, leather and art.

Visiting Morocco to buy items for your home is great way to get authentic goods and enjoy the experience of the markets. Moroccan inspired interiors are always a popular choice and can brighten up any home.

Here are some simple Moroccan Interior Design Tips for creating the Moroccan feel to your home.

1.Colours. Think earthy, spicy and warm even soft neutrals and creams with a splash of vibrant red and / or blue.

2. Walls. Authentic Moroccan style walls are rough in texture, or have weathered finish.

3. Lights. Moroccan light fixtures with their unique shapes, these geometric designs either free standing to hanging styles, from tiny candle holder or globe lamps to large to those made with leather or coloured glass.

4. Carpets. Moroccan Carpets and Rugs are available in every size and colour suitable for rooms or hallways. These unique designs are hand woven on wooden looms or knotted by hand.

5. Furniture. It is best kept simple or traditional dark woods. Screens, often made of iron to separate different areas of a room are also very typical.

6. Fabrics. Fabrics and textiles are a very important part of Moroccan interior design. Mix up your fabrics with carpets and rugs to colourful throws, wall hangings and vibrant cushions.

7. Tea set. Moroccan tea glasses are symbol of Moroccan hospitality. and come in brightly coloured glass perfect for adding the perfect finishing touch for your room.

8. Mosaic. Zellige art, a tradition of geometric mosaic, is a mainstay of Moroccan art. Tiles can be used all over – flooring (this is often just a simple, terracotta tile), walls and on table tops. Choose from a vast selection of various intricate tile patterns available.

9. Terracotta. Gorgeous leafy plants or ferns in burnt orange terra cotta pottery create a warm atmosphere.

10. The Garden. Hanging Moroccan lanterns outside in your garden or terrace can transform any evening. If you have a wall try painting it a rich burnt orange, or the bold Moroccan blue.

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