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Marrakesh By Design – A guide to accessible Moroccan style

A sumptuous resource guide to accessible Moroccan style, from a longtime American resident of Marrakesh.

Steeped in the richness of its culture, Moroccan design goes deeper than decor, stirring the senses with saturated colors, stone arches, billowing textiles, and mosaic tile. Moroccan style – a commitment to the handmade – is a story that reveals itself as it winds throughout a home.

Maryam Montague tells that story with an inspired and knowing voice in ‘Marrakesh By Design’ (Artisan Books; Hardcover; $29.95; May 2012). The book, Maryam’s first, is a guide to the intricate patterns, bold colors, and striking architecture of Moroccan design.

Maryam, who moved to Morocco ten years ago for her career in humanitarian aid work, was immediately intoxicated by the country’s rich design mix. She’s since become, as she says, an accidental stylist, running a carpet and textile business and managing her design and lifestyle blog, My Marrakesh. She’s attracted quite a following through them both, and also as co-proprietor of Peacock Pavilions, the boutique hotel she designed and built with her architect husband.

Illustrated with more than 200 stunning photographs, Marrakesh By Design features hundreds of ideas for incorporating Moroccan style at home.

The book is filled with DIY projects for all skill levels and breaks down the magic of Moroccan style in three parts:

Discovering Moroccan Style – Each chapter illuminates a different element: from architecture and its influences to the saturated color palette.

Living Moroccan Style – A room-by-room guide to styling your home in true Moroccan fashion. Chapters focus on creating indoor and outdoor living space.

Sourcing Moroccan Style – An all-inclusive shopping guide to Moroccan style featuring Maryam’s most trusted sources, both in the United States and internationally.

Maryam Montague treats readers of Marrakesh By Design as if they are visiting her in the olive grove she calls home. A gracious host, she imparts her secrets to embracing color, mixing patterns, and incorporating magic to create the layered elegance of Moroccan design.

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