Azilal Rug

Azilal Rug

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Azilal Rug – A very special vintage rug

A very special vintage rug is starting to hit the style pages and be spotted in stylish & eclectic interiors – a graphic hand woven rug from Morocco’s Azilal region, deep in the in the Atlas Mountains.

These rugs are produced exclusively for personal use, and they feature a warm explosion of Berber symbols and style. Soft and silky, they have a sumptuous texture.

They were traditionally cream with black/brown patterns, and are also found with additional accent colours – red, green, blue.

Moroccan Rug Athena Calderone Interior Design BrooklynEach piece tells a wonderful story, and their uniqueness and authenticity make them an ideal statement rug for any room.

No-one knows exactly how long they have existed, and many people are amazed that they have remained a secret for so long. Over the past 15 years, they have attracted a great deal of attention.

They can be wonderfully wild and their abstract images are expressions of the natural environment, and talk to the daily life and the aspirations of the weaver.

Maroc Tribal sources ‘one of a kind’ mid-century Moroccan rugs, including gorgeous Azilal rugs, personally hand picking each piece for its online gallery.

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