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Spirits of Tangier by Tessa Codrington

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The story of a colourful life in Tangier through pictures.

With stunning pictures and with the written word, Spirits of Tangier captures the unique atmosphere of this Moroccan port city straddling two cultures, from the 1920s to the present day.

It highlights some of the legendary residents who became Tessa Codrington’s friends: Paul and Jane Bowles, the American painter Marguerite McBey, and the English aristocrat, the Hon. David Herbert. Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton, playwright Tennessee Williams, royal photographer Cecil Beaton and the Chilean painter Claudio Bravoare revealed in candid portraits, and the splendid stories of great houses that change their styles with their very different owners are featured, combined with pictures from some of the extravagant parties still hosted in them.

About the Author: Tessa Codrington began her career as an assistant to Madame Yevonde in the sixties. She then worked for many years as a mail order catalogue photographer, interspersed with periods in Tangier whenever possible. After marrying Stuart Wheeler in 1979 and bringing up three daughters, she continued her career as a freelance photographer specialising in portraiture and editorial work. She was the first woman chairman of the Association of Photographers.

She still undertakes photographic assignments as well as running an equestrian centre at the Wheeler home, Chilham Castle in Kent. Praise for the author: ‘A visual memoir of the city’s literary and social heyday’
New York Times ‘If you have never been to Tangier, go. If you can’t, read Tessa’s
book’ John Graham, Tatler

‘Spirits of Tangier is wonderful, so evocative and brimming with
charm and indeed poignancy’
Hamish Bowles

‘Wonderfully astute revelations of characters … brilliant pictures’Francis King, Spectator

‘Evokes Tangier beautifully’ Decanter magazine
‘Includes her portraits of some famous figures from the city’s past.
It’s a past that has almost disappeared’
Financial Times

ISBN: 9781905147847
Price: £40
Available for Sale: UK & Europe

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