Bastards Documentary

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Bastards Documentary a Film by Deborah Perkin The film follows an illiterate woman took on tradition, her own family and the Moroccan legal system for the sake of her illegitimate child. Bastards tells the moving and uplifting story of Rabha … Read More

A Year in Marrakesh

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A Year in Marrakesh by Peter Mayne Having learned to appreciate Muslim life while living in Pakistan, Peter Mayne settled down to live in the back streets of Marrakesh in the 1950s. Rather than watch from the shelter of a … Read More

Azilal Rug

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Azilal Rug – A very special vintage rug A very special vintage rug is starting to hit the style pages and be spotted in stylish & eclectic interiors – a graphic hand woven rug from Morocco’s Azilal region, deep in … Read More

Shopping in Marrakesh

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Explore the endless shops, stores, stalls and colourful souks of the World Heritage Medina. Find a dazzling array of items from traditional Moroccan slippers to ceramics, carpets and glassware for the home. Some items to look out for when your … Read More

Nour Eddine El Ghoumari

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Award Winning Moroccan Photographer Nour Eddine El Ghoumari Nour Eddine El Ghoumari’s street photography and portraiture is considered by many critics and enthusiasts to be some of the finest photography in the world today. His work has been the subject … Read More

Moroccan Tribal Carpets

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Maroc Tribal explains the fascination of Moroccan tribal carpets Weaving is one of Morocco’s oldest traditions, and grew from the skills of Berber tribal settlers who have lived in Morocco’s rugged Atlas mountains for many thousands of years. Moroccan carpets … Read More

Top 10 Moroccan Interior Design Tips

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Bring a taste of Morocco into your home with our Top 10 Moroccan Interior Design Tips. Bring exotic Morocco into your home with traditionally crafted lanterns, mosaics, silverware, pottery, tea glasses, wicker wares, mirrors, metal work, leather and art. Visiting … Read More

Vintage Moroccan rugs

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Wild Beauty – Maroc Tribal on Bold and Tenacious Vintage Moroccan rugs Although the focus is currently on pale cream and brown vintage and mid century Beni Ouarain rugs, which are elegantly simple, bright and bold colours abound in authentic … Read More

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