Morocco That Was

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Morocco That Was by Walter Harris Until 1912 Morocco had never suffered foreign domination, and its mountainous interior was as closed to foreigners as Tibet. Walter Harris, though, was an exception. He lived in the country for more than thirty-five … Read More

Eco-tourism main objective for Morocco

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Eco-tourism main objective for Morocco Focus on eco-tourism is the main objective for Morocco outlined in the Vision 2020 strategic document. Morocco is part of the “Thousand Gardens of Africa,” a project launched by Slow Food to create a totally … Read More

Karima Skalli in Concert

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Burda: Asil Ensemble and Karima Skalli Featuring the music of Umm Kulthum and Mustafa Said As part of the Shubbak Festival of Contemporary Arab Culture, there will be a concert with Moroccan Singer Karima Skalli on 11th July 2015. Presented … Read More

Optimism Ahead Malika Sqalli

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Solo exhibition “Optimism Ahead” by Malika Sqalli NADIA ECHIGUER GALLERY is delighted to announce “Optimism Ahead”, the first solo exhibition in London by Malika Sqalli. The exhibition will showcase her latest photography work, which speaks of her journey in life … Read More

Moroccan Berber Pillows

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Maroc Tribal showcases Moroccan Berber Pillows – Little works of Art The Moroccan tribal tradition of weaving has produced carpets for warmth and decoration, blankets and shawls as clothing, and kilims (knows as ‘hanbels’) for seating and as floor coverings … Read More

Lullingstone Castle Moroccan Blue Room

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Discover the Moroccan Blue Room at Lullingstone Castle The Moroccan Blue Room at Lullingstone Castle in Kent was opened on 27th May 2012 by Iris Chapman and Pat Poynter. Iris and Alan Chapman visited the Majorelle Garden in Morocco, now … Read More

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