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Nour Eddine El Ghoumari

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Award Winning Moroccan Photographer Nour Eddine El Ghoumari

Nour Eddine El Ghoumari’s street photography and portraiture is considered by many critics and enthusiasts to be some of the finest photography in the world today.

His work has been the subject of discussion in some of the world’s most widely read books and photographic magazines.

A selection of his work is published in the prestigious book The World’s Greatest Black and White Photographers; globally, numerous websites profile and debate his highly influential street photography. Exhibitions from London to Japan, from the Russia to Chile, have testified to his unique appeal.

Nour Eddine has also won several International awards; Gold medal for the best portraits in the Arab world for two consecutive years, and the prestigious Photographer of the year in the UK as well as the second place in the World Colour Awards.

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