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Natasha Mann Zouaq Artist

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Natasha Mann is a British artist specialising in a traditional form of Moroccan painting known as zouaq.

Born in London in 1984, she developed an interest in North Africa and Islamic art after visiting the region as a child. In 2004 she went to the University of Cambridge to study for a degree in Arabic and French, where she specialised in the Moroccan dialect of Arabic.

During her degree she spent a year living in Fes, the capital of traditional arts in Morocco, where she undertook a ten month apprenticeship in traditional Moroccan zouaq. She studied under a local master craftsman in the old medina in Fes, who taught her the traditional techniques of creating this beautiful art form.

Since returning to England Natasha continues to practice Zouaq and has developed her own unique style and has been involved in two major art exhibitions, the Elephant Parade 2010 in London and Jungle City 2011 in Edinburgh.

Natasha currently undertakes commissions for furniture, interiors and paintings

To contact Natasha please visit.

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