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Nabil Elouahabi is a British Moroccan actor, originally from Tangier who has played a variety of roles from theatre to Hollywood.

He is well known for his role as Tariq Larousi in ‘EastEnders’ from 2003 to 2005, or as his role as Gary, the kidnapped son of a French millionaire, in ‘Only Fools and Horses’ in 2002.

Nabil made his acting debut in an episode of the BBC medical drama series ‘Casualty’’ in 1998. He went onto having roles in several television series such as ‘Attachments’, ‘Only Fools and Horses’ and ‘In This World’. He also appeared in films such as ‘Ali G Indahouse’ (2002) and The Sum of All Fears (2002).

Since leaving ‘EastEnders’ in 2005 he has appeared in ‘Holby City’ and has played real-life terrorist Ramzi Yousef in the television mini-series ‘The Path to 9/11’. In 2008 he played Meesh, a Kuwaiti translator, in HBO’s ‘Generation Kill’.

Nabil has played a variery of interesting parts including the role of Hamza in the epic journey of the famous Moroccan traveller Ibn Battuta in ‘Journey to Mecca’.

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